A Crazy Busy Week!

We started the week by attempting a walk/bike ride in nearby Slavin Conservation area. Weather started looking ominous as we loaded up the bikes, but we kept going. Once at the park, we had only 20 minutes or so till the skies warned us to get out of there. We got home, and the rain poured down minutes after we’d unloaded the bikes!

Memorial Day seemed like a good day to spend a little time on the lake: Hayden Lake, just across the border in Idaho. Ashlyn and Karen were at Ashlyn’s 8th grade class trip (also on Hayden Lake, at Camp Mivoden) but the rest of us had a blast on the lake!

When I was young, we liked to go water skiing. That is so OUT today. Now it’s knee boarding, wakeboarding, or surfing. Seery’s boat is a very fancy one, with clever abilities to make it throw a much larger, asymmetrical wake. Great for surfing.

One morning Cherryl and I decided to walk along High Street – it runs along the edge of a cliff, overlooking a valley and river. Along the other side of the street are very nice houses. We enjoyed the view both directions.

The next day we went to the Manito Park with Stanley and Susan (Loren’s parents). It’s a large park, with interesting old architecture, tons of beautiful flowers, a formal garden, a greenhouse packed with more exotic flowers, and a Japanese Garden.

I’m not even going to try to identify all the fabulous flowers!

The Japanese Garden was awesome… It felt very familiar, since Japan is where Cherryl and I first met. Very nice!!

Bryan’s 6th grade class rented half a bowling alley, and I got invited to tag along. I haven’t bowled in years, and I’d say it shows, but I have never been very good! It was really fun though!

The main reason for this trip to see our kids in Spokane, was to celebrate our granddaughter’s 8th grade graduation. How Cool!

The program was nice, but obviously the best part was when Ashlyn played a piece on her harp!

Congratulations Ashlyn!

As if we hadn’t had enough adventure this week, Friday night, the controller for the pump in the well quit. Seven folks staying in the house, and the two of us in the motorhome outside (still using their water, but we had some in our tanks). We loaded up all the water containers we could find, and went to some good friend’s house. They generously helped us fill a crazy number of pitchers and whatnot, and we survived the weekend without running water. (OK, we had running water in the motorhome, but tried not to brag about it to those stuck in the house!)

Sunday morning the well guys came out and replaced the controller, so water flowed freely in the house again! Running water is something we too easily take for granted, and lack of it reminds you how very blessed we are!


  1. Loved all the wake-boarding, flowers and “making due” with the water. Tea gardens were lovely. Lots to do and see. Have fun!

  2. You and Cherryl met in Japan? That’s a story I’d like to hear! Rolf and I met in Austria.

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