Hi! Welcome to our website!

We are Bruce and Cherryl McArthur. We have lived in the Denver, Colorado area for 32 years. Bruce working as a dentist, Cherryl working in the office with him. We have 2 beautiful daughters, 2 wonderful sons-in-law and 4 awesome grandkids. We are wonderfully blessed!


Beginning of 2018: Bruce has just retired, and we are getting ready to embark on a journey our new boat. A 2005 Selene 53. We plan to do the Great Loop, then maybe the Caribbean, then who knows? It will be interesting to read this in a few years and see what we really did.

September 2018:  How time flies! And plans change… We have spent enough time getting the boat set up that we are well past the time to set out on the Great Loop.  And more than that, our main passion is the islands… Uncrowded beaches, blue skies, and spending time with the fish in crystal clear water. So current plans have us cruising in the islands around the first of next year.

May 2019: More changes!  We thoroughly loved our time on Grace, but she was draining our retirement accounts a bit too quickly. So earlier this year we moved off our beautiful boat and into a small trailer, to enable Grace to be sold.  Now that she has been sold, we have moved on to a motorhome, and will continue our exploration on land.


This website is where we record some thoughts and pictures as we continue to move towards our Next Horizon… Living in a motorhome and exploring our world!