Softball, Boating & Flying! Oh My!

Another busy week at our daughter’s house started with Pathfinder Sabbath… If you aren’t familiar with Pathfinders, it’s a Christian Coed group like Scouts. They learn lots of things, and have lots of fun! Here they are reciting something and then four of them showed us their new sign language skills.

Mid week was the school music program. They also had artwork the kids had done over the year. Below you can see Bryan’s tinfoil sculpture, complete with shadow, some drawings, and a pillow he decorated, sewed and stuffed! You might notice an airplane theme…

All the grades sang, and the junior high choir and band performed. The best was the Pep Band, who played some really fun numbers, and included Ashlyn in a trumpet solo! Fantastic!

The following day was a Field Day… which I guess just means outdoor games. The egg toss was fun to watch – the expressions on the kids were great!

They also had a super-sized slingshot that could hurl water balloons half way across the field, where kids would try to get hit by or avoid the wet missiles.

There were lots of other games, like Capture the Flag, but the best was the Parent vs. Student Softball game. In the first inning, the adults got 7 runs, which is all that is allowed. After that it was great fun watching them play very charitably to keep the score somewhat even.

In the middle of this busy week we still found time for a couple other fun outings… First was getting Loren & Karen’s boat launched and lines set for the slip where it will spend the summer. Of course we had to take a quick spin around Hayden Lake while were testing the boat! We zoomed on very smooth water down to Mivoden Camp, a beautiful retreat run by the church.

Below is a 2 minute summary of the boat test run:

And finally, on Friday we got to take a Cirrus up for a spin. OK, we didn’t do any spins, but we had a very nice jaunt around the Spokane area. Loren does a great job of handling this very sophisticated plane. Far more than “just flying,” utilizing the awesome avionics to anywhere near their potential is another art.

Now another 2 minute summary… this one in the Cirrus:

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  1. Lots of fun for one week!! Beautiful area. ‘Glad you could enjoy it with Loren and Karen! Have fun

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