A Rough Life…

Such a rough life! The main events were a day at the lake and a flight over the city. Try not to feel sorry for us!

Karen and Loren, Ashlyn and Bryan, Loren’s folks – Stanley and Susan, Loren’s sister – Laura, Cherryl and I… all fit nicely in the boat and had a great time. When I was young, we liked to go skiing behind the boat. Now nobody has regular skiis… It’s kneeboarding, wake boarding, or surfing. You’ll see a bit of all of those here.

Loren’s boat is called a “Wake Setter”, and it does lots of tricks, including filling ballast tanks with water, in the back on either side or both, dropping a scoop down below the hull to pull the stern down, and they even add a funny gadget on the side to make the boat skew sideways a bit. All this can add up to a monster wake… which is perfect for surfing. The video shows them surfing without a ski rope. What fun! (It’s not easy!)

I forgot to mention “Big Mable”. She seats three victims passengers at a time for a crazy wild ride.

So here’s a video showing off all these great athletes having fun on the lake!

Cherryl and I had another flight in a beautiful Cirrus SR22. Loren is checked out in the type of plane, but this particular owner wants a special checkout if you’d like to rent his Cirrus. And I can see why… not only is it a beautiful plane, but there are two other great toys in the hanger with it. A Porsche Macan GTS (The Cirrus is also a GTS version) and an Icon. The Porsche may actually be faster than the Icon, but the Icon floats! It is amphibious… and I’ve seen video of them playing on the water like a jet ski, then taking off, just playing in the water and air repeatedly. A really fun toy!

The FBO has a cool Cirrus Simulator – I’m not even considering getting current in such a cool plane, but the sim looks like lots of fun!


  1. Hi you two … enjoying life as I see , been enjoying my new e-bike here, hopefully Christina will get one soon .

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