Dayna Aces Recital!

Our clever granddaughter Dayna has completed (memorized) all 18 songs in the Suzuki Piano Book One (plus variations), and therefore qualifies for a recital performing all those songs! Cool!

Her teacher, Sue, gave a little introduction before the performance. She mentioned how it was often difficult to change teachers midstream (Dayna started in Minnesota) but that Dayna transferred beautifully! Dayna proved her point by having a great performance!

Dayna waiting in the wings…

She had people sign in on little green tickets as they arrived, and put all the tickets in a bowl on the piano. Before each number, she’d draw a name, and then ask that person for a “secret number” on the back of their program. Then she’d play the song with that number. Fun!

She and Sue did a couple of duets.

Peter entertained during an interval, with his “Super Shy Guy Plays Guitar” performance. Very good!

Afterwards was goodies time, featuring a cake with a Chocolate Grand Piano, which we got to watch Becky create!

The cupcakes were also a bit hit!

Later in the week we got to spend a little time with Peter in the Park.

When it was time to leave the park, Peter was resisting… so I told him I’d ride his bike home if he didn’t. I think the bike looks small for Peter, but absurdly small for me! It was a challenge, but I managed it for several yards… when Peter gleefully took over.

Our “Home” is still in the Lancaster Event Center RV lot. It’s interesting to see rigs come and go. When this picture was taken, there were maybe a little over a dozen left in the park. While I’m writing this, I think there are 5. It seems like a ghost town when there are spots for well over a thousand!

The walking trail adjacent to the Event Center is still a nice excursion.

A few trees along the trail have grown shoes! At least a dozen pair of shoes dangle from otherwise bare branches.

We’ve seen many species of beautiful birds on the trail. Cardinals still fascinate me… When I was a kid I thought of them as rare, exotic birds. Now I am amazed that even when you hear them, and KNOW they are in a certain tree, they can hide those brilliant red bodies even in leafless trees! How can they do that??

A few Brown Thrashers hang out on the trail.

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker is poorly named, because “rarely is the slight red wash on the belly visible.” It is a very pretty woodpecker, however, so we’ll allow it the misleading name.

We’ve also seen lots of Red-winged Blackbirds, plenty of Grackles, Blue Jays, Robins and Sparrows. Also the occasional Orange-crowned Warbler, Coopers Hawk, Downy Woodpecker, and Yellow-rumped Warbler. So at least our binoculars haven’t been getting too rusty!

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