Landed in Lincoln

We arrived in Lincoln just in time for Union College’s Alumni Weekend. We are not alumni, but they let us attend anyway… Maybe the most exciting part of the weekend was the mass Unionaires choir concert. The Unionaires have been Union’s select choir for many decades now, and they assembled 3 of the last directors to guide the reunion-attending Unionaires in a beautiful concert. They created some gorgeous music! It was fun to see Dr Lynn again – he was director when my daughters sung in the choir, and he loved featuring Karen and her harp in their concerts as well.

After they’d put on a great concert, they said they’d sing the Unionaires’ theme song… and everyone who’d ever performed with the group was invited up on stage. Fun!

Our “usual” Lincoln campground is about a half-hour’s drive from our family… It is fairly pretty, has a pool and hot tub, but is quite pricey when you don’t use all those amenities. We thought we’d try something different this time. We are at the Lancaster Event Center. They have hundreds of RV spots, behind several very large buildings where rodeos and craft shows and who-knows-what kinds of events are held. We are in a huge gravel lot with very few other rigs. Over the weekend, however, 40 or more large horse trailers moved in. Most of them had living quarters in the front, and horse accommodations in the rear. Some were fantastically long and luxurious looking. It looks like they were here for the Nebraska Spring Quarter Horse Show. By Monday all were gone, and we were in a ghost town again! This place is only a bit over 20 years old, and keeps quite busy (in spite of the almost empty RV section.) I’m told they have well over 300 events per year, with several running simultaneously. I understand they have hosted the world’s largest RV event: the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) International RV Convention with 1000-2000 RVs. I’m not sure why the wide range in RV numbers… maybe someone got tired of counting!

Beyond the gravel area is a far larger grassy area, also with water and electric hookups. This borders on the outdoor arena and grandstands. If you have a microscope, you may be able to see our rig on the far left below. [I can’t]

One great part about spending time at our daughter Becky’s house is fun cooking with her! She wanted to make a Lemon Snack Cake, and we wanted to help. I got to use the new microplaner to “Zest” four lemons for the cake and glaze. Doesn’t it look yummy?? [It was!!]

And those of you who know us, know that Becky is a Chocolatier. So cool! She now works part time at a fantastic shop called Lulubee. Just walking into the shop is a glorious experience! It smells so awesome! And the tons of gorgeous chocolates on display… you need to go there and see for yourself!

An off-duty Becky with her co-workers:

While our gravel lot may not be too exciting, the David Murdock Trail runs right along the south edge. It is lined with trees, and hosts lots of birds!

A pedestrian bridge takes you over the highway to Mahoney Park.

I liked the clouds over Kevin and Becky’s neighborhood, so you have to look at them too!

That’s about all I can post about this week. We’ll see what next week brings!

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