300 Pancakes

Becky asked us if we’d help serve a pancake breakfast at church… Kevin and Becky host this light breakfast every once in a while, and Kevin had rehearsal for a Men’s Choir performance, so we tried to take his place in the kitchen. We made sheet pancakes (Pan Pancakes?) with either blueberries or chocolate chips. Syrup was placed on the whole sheet, then they were cut into finger food sizes. They were very popular! We actually didn’t count the pancake squares, but they were in the neighborhood of 300!

We were too busy to take pictures while the crowds were there, but Casey and Kevin enjoyed a couple leftovers!

The Men’s Choir did a fabulous job performing a few numbers for the church service. Son-in-law Kevin and brother-in-law Steve anchored the whole set!

Steve and Jeanne’s daughter Sandy had a birthday party complete with hot dogs, potato salad, S’mores, and of course, birthday cake. Lots of friends made it a fun cookout!

Try to contain your excitement as I show you a bit of the drywall Kevin and I installed and finished in his garage… Next time we’re in town we hope to finish the one small remaining corner.

Pretty soon it was time to hit the road again. Heading for Denver, we drove halfway and stopped in North Platte, Nebraska. Our campground featured a nice little lake (pond?) and a beautiful evening sky.

The next morning we had a nice walk along the lake and beyond – enjoying the scenery and lots of birds.

Below is NOT our rig, but one belonging to a guy whose contributions to the IRV2 forums I’ve been reading for years. The “Newmar Man!” Fun to meet and chat with him!

Then it was on the road again. We like to stop periodically, so this is a rest stop part way to Denver.


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