Hanging out in Lincoln

One of the cool things about being in Lincoln is eating at Becky and Kevin’s home. Even better is getting to help Becky make something unusual. She had never made Paneer, and said someday she’d like to try it. “No time like the present” is a great motto, so we implemented that wisdom and tried it. What fun! You boil a lot of milk, then add a little bit of vinegar, and watch the acid curdle the milk into curds and whey. Then you take the curds, rinse all the vinegar out, put them in a cheesecloth and squeeze the water out. Hang the cheesecloth bundle for 3 hours, then smash it under a heavy weight for a while, then cut it up and you have homemade Indian Paneer. Soon we will have some tasty Indian dishes to go with the new cheese.

Watching the curdling…

More Motorhome Maintenance

Another casualty from our Alaskan Adventure was this little chrome piece on the bottom edge of the motorhome. I noticed it was about to fall off! I think spilling diesel fuel down the side hastened its demise. I pulled it off so I wouldn’t lose it, and now it was time to bond it to the fiberglass again.

It worked pretty well, and now looks great. I haven’t gotten around to a final picture, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

To the Zoo!

It’s illegal to visit grandkids in Lincoln without exploring the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. So we ventured there with Dayna and Peter, as well as great-grandma Joanne. We met our friend Melissa and her two daughters, Lauren and Noel. We had a great time with them! This zoo seems to be a very elaborate playground, that happens to have exotic animals between play places! It’s perfect for kids.

The first stop is usually the giraffes, where you can purchase lettuce and make some tall creatures happy! It’s fun to watch how eager they are for lettuce! They can be very grabby with their crazy long tongues!

It’s also fun to compare your wingspan with that of an Eagle. They are big!

Digging for “Dinosaur Bones” in the sandbox:

Caught in a huge spider web…

Noel is picturing tortoises…

Peter gets crazy faced sometimes. I have several pictures I will save for embarrassing him at his wedding someday.

Camping with Jeanne and Steve

At the end of the week we headed for Lewis & Clark Recreation Area with Jeanne and Steve. About a 4 hour drive north of Lincoln (in a pokey motorhome,) it’s in South Dakota, just across the river from the northern Nebraska border. A very beautiful park, with huge sites and a very peaceful vibe. Our sites had unobstructed views of the lake.

Jeanne and Steve have a nice trailer, and it was fun to get out with them. (We have wanted to do this since they got the trailer a couple of years ago, and we finally made it happen!)

We finished out the week in this beautiful park… but most of the adventure will be in next week’s blog. So I close this little blog with a couple sunset pix.

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