Denver Friends

On the road from Spokane to Lincoln again, we stopped in Denver to get a few things done, and managed to see some good friends while we were at it.

We met Bill and Brad at a nice little Italian restaurant, and had so much fun we talked till we were the last ones in the place. Great time with great friends!

We were honored to have Deb and Mike join us for dinner one night. I think Deb was my longest running team member in my office here. She’s still working at McArthur Dentistry, keeping the Hygiene department healthy! So nice to catch up with them!

Night over the Dakota Ridge campground.

We had another fun dinner with long-time friends Giny and Joe in Loveland, Colorado. Loveland is a sculpture hot spot, with lots of foundries where they create bronze sculptures, and multiple parks where they are displayed.

It’s always great to see Giny and Joe, and a walk through the sculpture gardens just added to the fun.

The center of the park is dominated by a peaceful little lake, with a nice pathway around it.

Not all the fish are in the lake.

The “Book Peddlers” were particularly interesting…

Again, we stayed till it was too dark to see…

Once again I did my trick of getting too busy to remember to take pix of my friends! We spent some time with Lonnie and Laura, and got to turn a little unused space in their wonderful house into a bit of a craft workspace. Just don’t ask me why I have a picture of and empty room and no pictures of our friends!

Dakota Ridge campground backs up to some open land, where you can walk or hike and soak up nice views. We’ve been here many times, and I keep taking the same pictures… but it’s still pretty!

It seems somebody left this coat at the soccer field, and it’s not too happy about it!

Continuing on east towards Lincoln, we stopped at Pleasant Hill Grain to replenish our wheat supply. Cherryl grinds our own wheat to make the flour for the great bread she bakes! This batch of about 100 pounds should keep us for a while!

Arriving in Lincoln we were serenaded by both Peter and Dayna… very special!

When at Kevin and Becky’s home, we always eat well! This pie wasn’t one of Becky’s creations, but one they bought a couple of days earlier at the State Fair. What’s not to like with a Caramel Apple Pie?

When we were helping upgrade the girls’ dorm at Union College a couple of years ago, I met several great guys on the Union physical plant team. One nice guy, Mike, told us we could stay at his home – he has a full hookup RV pad behind his house. We decided to take him up on his offer, and found it is a wonderfully wooded site… quiet and gorgeous. We might not ever leave!

I love the beautiful old barn!

A few more pictures of the area:

Kevin and our brother-in-law Steve both sing in the men’s choir, and we got to hear them in church. Very good!

Saturday night was Open Scope night at the planetarium. They had some nice telescopes set up, where we could see Jupiter, very impressive closeups of the moon, and the rings around Saturn. A very cool way to end the week!

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