Harp Recital!

Saturday Night at Appel’s

Karen and Loren have a bunch of cool friends, and we and the Colburns, as well as the church pastors Bill & Vania and Ryan were invited to a Saturday night party at the Appel’s home. We had a great gospel jam session! Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, and some innovative percussion added up to a lot of fun!

After a lot of scrumptious food, we moved downstairs to a few Round Robin Ping Pong games. If you are not familiar with the rules, there are few… just circle the table and return the ball when it’s your turn in the chain of folks running around the table. On your third miss, you are out, and the circle gets smaller. When there are only two people left, they have to spin in a circle before they can return the ball. I got out fairly soon, so was able to document the remainder of the game. You might notice Dave being pretty aggressive against his son… who won the previous game and Dave didn’t want that to happen again!

Ashlyn’s Book Two Harp Recital

This was a very special week because we got to attend Ashlyn’s Book Two Harp Recital! She did fabulously!

Like any famous musician, she allowed a few guest stars on her program…

Another harpist, Elise, joined her for one piece, but you’ll have to watch the video to see her. I was originally planning on putting up small excerpts of her recital, but I couldn’t bear to cut any out… so I am now going to upload the entire 26 minutes. If you’d prefer shorter bits, you can skip around as you please. The video is too long to fit in my blog here, so click the link below for my YouTube site:

Link to Ashlyn’s Harp Recital

Let There Be Light

One more maintenance item was an LED light in the back bathroom that has been flickering. I had to basically ruin the old one to get it out, but then was able to splice in the new one. It’s a 98% match… but it doesn’t flicker any more!

On The Road Again

On our way to Denver, we were planning on just driving straight through… and so decided to do something we rarely do… we spent the night at a Walmart! It is very kind of Walmart to allow transients to rest for the evening while on a long road trip.


We arrived at a pretty park in Denver where we have stayed many times before. The park is nice enough, but on weekends in the summer, there is a bar across the street with hundreds of motorcycles and plenty of crazy loud music! If you don’t plan on sleeping before midnight, you might really enjoy it. The good news is that our motorhome is pretty well insulated, and sounds don’t get in too easily. We did add a little white noise by turning on a fan…

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