Alaskan Adventure Summary

I thought it might be of interest to record a few statistics about our Alaskan Adventure in the summer of 2022.

The total trip entailed:

87 days

7,180 miles driven

33 sites where we stayed (some multiple times)

The most expensive fuel price was in Canada: $6.77 (Adjusted for liters/$CA)

The least expensive fuel price was in Alaska: $4.89

I have heard all my life about how rugged the Alaska Highway was. In fact, it was not as bad as I’d expected. But it was still pretty bad in spots! We drove over a million frost heaves – where the road is built over permafrost and consequently waves up and down like you’d expect to traverse on a boat. We drove over more miles of dirt roads than I care to count. We put the motorhome on a tiny ferry to cross the Yukon River. We travelled by Sternwheeler Paddleboat, Ocean Going sightseeing boats, small planes, small seaplanes, and a helicopter.

Our first couple of days into Canada on the trip up to Alaska, we saw 4 bears; we decided to keep a running tally of wildlife seen on the trip. Then we saw none for a long time… and then countless animals. We gave up the count. We saw lots of animals!

We explored countless glaciers, museums (about Native Alaskans, highway history, wildlife, and of course the awesome car museum in Fairbanks), and lots of visitors’ centers.

We added a few birds to our life lists, but not as many as we’d expected. But we were excited to see Pufins, and we took three days to finally identify Surf Scoters.

We were blessed with visits from all our kids and grandkids, and had a great time trying to pack a lot of Alaska into an all too short visit.

As to the most beautiful spot… impossible to decide!


  1. Hey Bruce and Cherryl, Thank you for the grand story of your trip. Brenda and I have visited Alaska many times when our daughter lived in Gustavas, AK and a road trip before she was there. Your story reminded us of many of the beautiful sites and wildlife from our visits. Great memories. What a wonderful place. I am glad you were able to do this trip. Best. Dave and Brenda

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