From Lewis & Clark to Math Night

We had an awesome campsite at the Lewis & Clark Recreation area in South Dakota. It was both gorgeous and very peaceful. We had a wonderful view of the lake right in front of us.

A nice visitors’ center overlooks the dam, and all the fishermen.

Below the dam, and across a narrow spit of land, looked like a nice spot to tool around in a kayak…

So we did! We all inflated our kayaks and set out to explore this lake area.

We saw a few Osprey, and generally had a great time in perfect weather.

One evening we made “Camp Stew” – Putting some chopped potatoes, tomatoes, veggie meat and other veggies and seasonings, wrapping in foil and cooking over the fire for about half an hour. It was wonderful! The only problem was that if you wanted seconds, you had to wait a while! But well worth the wait!

Back at Becky’s house we were met by Peter the Pirate! He has a peg leg, with pistols and swords strapped to his wooden leg, and a patch over his mouth instead of his eye. Avast! AAARRRGH!

More Motorhome Maintenance

I have been continuing work on the motorhome. It seems the vibration of hundreds of miles of dirt roads has taken its toll on our nice home. The hinge on the left side of the front hood broke off. [I can’t totally blame Alaska for that: I think I damaged it in a failed attempt to put gas struts on the hood months ago. But that’s another story.] So I had to remove the hood and bond the hinge back in place. While at it, I tried to reorient the wipers a bit, but that wasn’t worth the effort. Anyway, the hood is now back in place and the front of the motorhome looks much better!

Mathematical Merriment

Thursday was “Math Night” at the kids’ school. What fun! Many tables set up to demonstrate different aspects of practical mathematics. Each table had beginner, intermediate and advanced sections, with puzzles or games to challenge the kids. When a table’s challenge was conquered, the child got a sticker for that table, and when all tables were done and stickered, it was time to go home!

Tallya is a college student at Union, and was leading out on one table. She was a flower girl at Becky’s wedding! Such fun!

With all the fun games and people, I was almost bummed that I wasn’t supposed to be doing the puzzles!

Matar Paneer

Last week I showed you how we made Paneer, an Indian Cheese. This week Becky made Matar Paneer… an Indian dish with sauce, peas and the cheese, alongside garlic and regular Naan bread. Fabulous!

Dessert was also amazing… homemade Pizelles, created with just enough of a curve to hold the cinnamon-apple sauce, then topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel. Superb!

I saw this quote the other day:

Buying a motorhome to save money on travel is like buying a boat to save money on fish!

I had to smile!!


  1. Great lake, fun math night with the kids, and good eatin’ What more could you ask for? Continue having fun!!

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