Last Week in Tucson

A couple final hikes finished off our last full week in Tucson. The first was a morning walk at the Enchanted Hills Trails Park with friends Chuck and Christina. They go on this trail most every morning and were pleased to show us the way.

The desert is greening up, and flowers are starting to appear! Fun to see all the different types.

Cristate, or Crested Saguaro are very rare, and there are two within a couple hundred yards here.

Colorful flowers on all sorts of prickly stems!

A Black-throated Sparrow is not at all rare, but posed pretty well for us.

Below is the rare undocumented Dr Seuss Saguaro…

These tiny cacti were only about an inch across.

Happy Hikers – Chuck, Christina, Bruce & Cherryl

Saguaro National Monument

A few days later we took a ranger-guided sunset hike in Saguaro National Monument East. Absolutely beautiful.

New friends Mike and Jane went out to dinner with us, and then stayed for a bit in our home. Good time with great folks!

Seems only right to close with a few more sunset pictures, these taken right near our site…

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  1. Enjoy your pics! The many kinds of cactus, the sunsets, etc. Tx for posting them. Whereto next?

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