Arizona Greening Up

We found out that new friends Doug and Jennette were going to an RV show here in town, and we invited ourselves along. Well, maybe not quite so abrupt, but we said we’d meet them there. The show was mildly interesting, but the company great! We went to dinner afterwards, and had a great time.

Bill’s Two Wheeled Trip

My buddy Bill told me that he and mutual friend Mike would be coming through Tucson on their motorcycle road trip to Baja and beyond. We insisted that they stop by for a while… Mike had other friends to see, but Bill spent a bit of time with us… A great time!

Birthday Party

New friend Dave hit 80! We managed to score an invitation to his dinner and party. Early dinner at Manuel’s in Green Valley (20 mins south of here) and then desert at the beautiful home of Richard and Rosalia.

This was first time I saw a clever candle blowing out technique; perhaps COVID inspired. Rather than risk spitting the candles out, one swipe with a big plastic plate worked fine!

Arizona is Greening Up

The bike path behind our park is picking up lots of green. It may not show much in these photos, but it looks like Spring is springing! We’ve had crazy weather lately, with nights in the 30’s and days in the 80’s. I know, that’s not anything like the snow so much of the country is seeing, but it’s weird for here! With too many days in the 80’s or 90’s, I wonder how long the green will stay along the riverbed.


  1. Fun to meet new people and strike up friendships. The river needs a little help from us! Have fun!!

  2. What is your limit on Arizona temperatures before they inspire you to hit the road again? If you want Spring to last a little longer, check out the Prescott area. There’s a nice SDA owned camp up there too that is used for camp meetings and summer camp.

    • Family drives us more than temperature! We’re leaving soon for Lincoln… I looked up the campground- we’ll have to check it out next Arizona adventure!

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