O Canada!

After leaving our Kids and Grandkids in Spokane, we drove through beautiful Coeur d’ Alene and turned north towards Canada. What fun!! Gorgeous mountains everywhere!

We had hardly entered Canada when we saw our first bears… a momma Grizzly and her cub, right by the side of the road. Several cars pulled to the side, and we took turns driving up alongside the bears. I reminded me of when I was a kid, going to Yellowstone, and the dozens of bears that would come up to cars and be fed by crazy people (like us) (times were different then…) We are extremely limited on our internet here, so I haven’t been able to load my grizzly pictures. Maybe later…

So the following will be just a lot of pictures I have been able to get up.

We camped the first night at Fairmont Hot Springs. The campground was beautiful… but we had rain the whole time we were there! Sitting in the hot springs in the rain is fun… for a while.

Debbie, I know you just posted pictures of the Matterhorn… I can’t keep up with that, but this is the closest I have to that mountain!

There are a few animal crossing bridges built across the highway…

Maligne Canyon is just outside Jasper, Alberta. Cut in the rock by furiously rushing water, it is far more dramatic than I could ever capture with a photo. You can hike down along the edge, and cross it with 5 different bridges. Captivating!

So much awesome scenery!

Next we will get into the quaint town of Jasper, Alberta. If I can find any internet this next week, I might even get pictures up!

Grizzly Bears2
Black Bears2
Wildlife Count So Far


  1. Nice update On wildlife Bruce , we felt jaded in Alaska seeing so many grizzlies in lake Clark without annoying people -🐻

  2. Beautiful country…more than the eyes can take in! Have a wonderful time. We are eager to see your bear pics!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! I had guests on a hiking tour yesterday, from Edmonton. They said they often went to the mountains nearby, to Banff and Jasper… Now I have an idea of what they were talking about!!!

  4. Bruce, Angela and Norman are ahead of you heading to Alaska. They are in a 40 foot trailer. Call or email me for their phone numbers. Dallen

    • Hi Dallen- actually, we are ahead of them… my blog is purposefully a week behind real time. We’ve been in contact with them. Hope to meet up with them sometime!

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