On the Water in Washington


We were in Kennewick, Washington to help/watch our kids and grandkids move to the Spokane area.  In a week full of packing and working, I didn’t take many blog worthy photos…  But we did manage to sneak in a little fun!

Charbonneau Park

A hot afternoon in the water with family and friends – what could be more fun?


Flight to Spokane

While up at the “new” house in Spokane, we prepped the garage floor for a shiny protective coating.  It had to sit at least a day before we could paint the coating on… and we were driving back to Kennewick – about a 2.5 hour drive.  So Loren figured that was a good excuse to fly!  A couple days later we made a quick trip up, used the courtesy car Signature Aviation kindly lent us, put the magic coating on the garage floor, and scooted back down.  So if you like flying, here is a short clip of the flights.


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