Ashlyn’s Harp Recital

Ashlyn has accomplished something awesome – finished Suzuki Book One for harp!  This obviously demands a recital, and she should play all the songs of this repertoire.  She kindly let some friends and family members play with her on a few songs.  This recital took place in Washington State, under quite strict Covid rules, so it was held outside, in the back yard, with attending family groups properly social distancing.  It was a perfect day for it… please ignore the occasional car sounds in the background.



Click here for Ashlyn’s Harp Recital Highlights


The crowning event of the weekend was Ashlyn’s baptism!  She is publicly declaring her love of Jesus and commitment to serving Him.  The baptism took place in the Columbia River, adjacent to a nice park.  A great number of church members were there to celebrate with lots of heaven’s angels!




IMG_0148 2


An Interesting Sail

I was told we could go to a park and see the top half of a submarine!  I figured it would be buried halfway up the hull… but no, it’s just the “sail” of a submarine.  And not just any submarine – This is the USS Triton, the first sub to circle the earth submerged.  In April of 1960 she set off following the route Ferdinand Magellan used circumnavigating the globe 440 years earlier.  Converted to an attack sub in 1964, she was decommissioned in 1969, and eventually “beheaded” with her sail planted in this park in Richland, WA.  I wonder where her other parts ended up?

IMG_0158 2


IMG_0166 2


Bryan and Ashlyn at the BMX track

The most exciting part of riding this bumpy track is “Catching Some Air!”  Here is conclusive proof both kids were very successful!  There is even evidence that Karen did a  lap or two!

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