Done in Denver

Saturday after church we had a wonderful lunch with longtime friends Dick and Eleanor. Later in the afternoon we were joined by Ken and Tonya, and their great kids Asher and Shiloh.  What a great time!


The sunset was spectacular, as in the photo at the top.  How could it get better than that? But it did!



Monday we got snow!  Had a fun dinner with super buddy Bill, who won’t let me take his picture!  Drove up to his place in Cold Creek Canyon that night, and spent a little time checking out his great spread in the mountains.  It’s really grown since I first saw it a few decades ago!


Tuesday we drove to Grand Junction to see Ron and Chris.  So good to see them!  We enjoyed staying in their beautiful house and we ate really well too!  But again, I forgot to take any pictures!  Here are a few from the trip back down.



Later Wednesday we were planning on leaving Golden at about 3pm, but were delayed a bit (!) by having to clean ice off the slide toppers.  These are awnings that cover the slides when they are out, to keep leaves and snow from building up on them and coming inside when we slide them in.  But if they get frozen, it is a real pain to get them clear enough to slide in.  Do I look happy?



Getting the snow off was pretty easy; the ice bonded to the awning fabric was far more difficult!  The starboard side was in the sun, and with the snow off the ice melted pretty fast.  We moved the motorhome so the sun hit the other side, but it was getting late and the sun didn’t do it… I had to scrape all the ice off.


Wednesday night we spent at the “Chateau Schuler.”  A beautiful home when it is not hidden behind a big RV! Darrell and Lisa were great hosts, and showed us a wonderful time and even a fun movie!




Amazingly enough, I’ve finally finished the Amazon Adventure page!  If you have lots of time on your hands, you can read it HERE.

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