Good Times with Good Friends


Here we are in Golden, Colorado.  The photo above shows the pretty sky and some nice rock ridges to climb.  The view that day towards Denver did not look quite so nice:



Along the ridge nearby are a few old mine entrances.  This picture made it in just because of the warning sign.  It says “ABANDONED MINES CAN WILL KILL YOU!”




We have been blessed this week with seeing many friends that we have not seen for too long!  Lonnie and Laura had us over for a very elegant dinner.  The table setting was gorgeous, the company delightful, and I forgot to take a picture!  We are so much like family there – I wish I had a picture.  Sigh.

Great long-time friends Giny and Joe came over one evening.  The rangefinder camera in Joe’s hand really works… because it is a cover for an iPhone!  Great seeing them!



Steve is a buddy who retired from his dental practice just a couple of months after I did.  It was fun planning our practice transitions simultaneously, and it was fun getting together with Steve and Laura again this week!



So it’s been a busy time.  We got a little snow, but nothing that lasted more than a few hours.  I got a few more cities up on my Antarctic Adventure page, including a couple videos, which you can see HERE.

And I’ve almost finished the dulcimer!  At the time of this picture, I had to add two more tuning keys.  Now all I have to do is get it strung!IMG_2005

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