A Mazing Fun

The day before Michael came to visit, we drove to Annapolis for the United States Powerboat Show.  About 700 boats and lots of extras to look at too!

Then we drove “home” to our boat just in time for the storm.  But you’ve heard enough about that!

The day after the storm our good friends Jeff and Marilyn Emery came to visit.  They stayed with us on the boat even though the power was out in the whole area.

We spent a day touring Yorktown – site of a very critical battle for American independence.  We had a very good guide who explained battle strategy and layout of the fortifications.  Really fascinating!

The old town of Yorktown is elegant, surrounded by beautiful woods and a nice shoreline.

The Victory Tower was erected to celebrate the triumph at Yorktown.

A sign at the Carrot Tree where we had lunch…


Jeff and Marilyn seemed to enjoy the kayak…


Lotsa Love –


We had to stop at Fort Nonsense… a fort which was commissioned and built, but never saw action, prompting it to be called by such a flattering name.  Only some earthworks remain, but it is a beautiful walk!



Cherryl wasn’t cold… she’s hiding from bugs!

We putted around a very unique miniature golf course… all about cows.  Lots of fun – especially one hole where the best play was to purposely use the water feature!

Monday we started to Becky and Kevin’s house where we would meet our other kids, Karen and Loren, and all our grandkids for almost a week!  What fun!

The most A Mazing thing was the corn maze. (Maize Maze??)  I have never been to a real corn maze before, and this one is the biggest in Minnesota!  It looks like it covers several acres!  Great fun!  Hard to take pictures inside a maze, however, because all you see is corn.  The grandkids tired of it pretty fast, but I loved it.



Perhaps even cooler than the maze was the corn pit.  Bordered with hay bales was a square, maybe 70 feet, and at least 2 feet deep with dried corn kernels.  When you jumped in, you sank in almost to your knees!  I had so much fun acting like a little kid!  You can’t picture how crazy it feels to be up to your knees in corn!  Loved it!



Then today we loaded a couple of Off Road Vehicles in a trailer and went to an off roading park.  So we all drove the cool Polaris OHVs all over forest trails with beautiful fall colors blurring past us.  The kids had a little tiny 4 wheeler that we could adjust the throttle down to jogging speed, and they loved just driving around the flat dirt area.  It’s good that I live on a boat, or I’d probably be thinking I need one of these crazy toys!

Kevin warms up the miniature 4 wheeler

Peter gets a little ride…

Bryan loves to make the mud fly!


Kevin shows off some cool suspension travel:


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