Our Second Hurricane!

So with Florence, we had a couple of weeks notice that she was coming.  Michael was supposed to hit Florida, and die long before it could get anywhere near us.  Not an issue! Except Michael did not read those forecasts, and just kept marching north.  With one day notice that we may see winds of 50mph, we thought we were prepared.  Turns out we were not as prepared as we thought.

Water level came up 3-4 feet, covering and damaging some docks.  Winds came up to 63mph by our instruments.  Power went out in the whole area about 2 am, and now it is Friday night and still not back.  Not much sleep last night!  So no WiFi, and internet almost impossible.

The sailboat above is the biggest catastrophe we have seen.  Many other boats are in storage here, but this one didn’t make it. I guess I am just thankful that our boat is relatively unharmed.  Our bimini top is torn, but repairable, and we lost a cover for a grill on the flybridge.  Otherwise fine.  In a few days I hope to be someplace with more power and internet, and I’ll put up some more pictures.

Ok, It has been a few days now… we got power back after being out for two days.  I tried to get some video footage of the dramatic wind and rain, but it didn’t turn out too well.  So here are a few pictures of the marina the next morning.

This is same boat shown above, and you can see the mast bent over two other boats!
This floating dock washed off the piling holding it.

The ramp to the marina store was ripped off and washed 20 feet inland.  Lots of rubbish was floating in some areas.

Someone’s dinghy was blown a long way onshore, and covered with trash.






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