Road Tripping… or “I thought you moved onto a boat?”

I know I said we were finally on the boat… but we hadn’t finished moving out of our house yet.  So we have been doing a bit of driving.  Like 6,000 miles!  We have been dispersing furniture and things all over the country.  We are getting pretty good at dragging U-haul trailers around- from our home in Denver to Monterey, California to see friends, then a cousin in Grass Valley, California, and on to Kennewick Washington to spend a little time with our oldest daughter and her family.  With the trailer emptied and returned, we drove back to Denver to finish emptying the house.  Then the second trip – this time to Minneapolis via Lincoln, Nebraska.  Another trailer load of furniture and storage stuff!  While staying with our younger daughter and her family, we got to visit the cute little chocolate shop where she works as a chocolatier.  Very cool!


Then back to Denver and get rid of anything left in the house!  Some things shipped to keep on the boat, more stuff shipped to each of the kids, some to other family members, lots donated locally and even more to the dumpster!!  In 41 years of marriage we have accumulated lots of stuff!  And we are now on an anti-stuff crusade!

So our first day back at the boat we got her new name put on!  It looks great!  Fun to watch him put it on, too.  We worked a long time to get just the font, size and placement as we wanted, so it was great fun to see it finally done!


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