Finally On Board!

IMG_0150What a week it’s been! I can hardly believe it’s been a week now that we’ve been on board.

Every possible cupboard, nook or cranny has been stuffed with spare parts, extra oil or filters, or maybe covers for something else. (Who wants stuffed crannies?) So we have spent a lot of time inventorying everything, rearranging into what I consider a more logical system, and cleaning cleaning cleaning!


We have had our share of repairs to do too! Seems like we are constantly finding things that don’t work quite like they should… Leaking tanks, bilge pumps that don’t pump, etc. Some other things just take a while to figure out how they work.

Jerry, Wendy and me in Pilothouse

Which brings me to our trainers, Jerry and Wendy Taylor. They have spent LOTS of time with us, making sure we are up to speed on all the complicated systems on board and know how to handle the boat well. They have lots of wisdom that they are doing their best to share with us (how much can we soak up before we explode?) and they have helped us unravel some challenging mysteries.


Another Selene pulled in the other day on the next dock over, and they seem like nice folks. Hope to spend some time with them.

There are plenty of other colorful creatures around here too…


We have bought new docking lines, hoses, and even a new bedroom set.

Now the boat is all cleaned up and organized… feels a lot more like a home!

We are in Marina Bay, and won’t leave here till we have all our furniture out of our house and some further repairs done to the boat.  She has had the old name removed, and the new name will hopefully be on soon!  We will have to haul the boat out of the water for some of the work that needs to be done; probably in early April.  Stay tuned!

This truck pumps out sewage… and the caution sign tells where it goes next!






  1. Dr. Bruce (and crew), it was nice seeing you at the party and the time for a chat, when its cold in Denver I look at your pictures and think of what fun you will have! Cant wait to see whats next.

  2. So happy for you al. Fixing up and making it home.
    Ship shape it will be for heading out.

    We are sure happy for you and wish you all good thing to come.

    Your boat is a beauty. Am I correct to call her a boat? Or yacht ?

    Safe adventures, Bill and Marcie Raplee

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