Landing in Lincoln Again

The park where we have our motorhome in Tucson is still quite empty. Some folks drive their rig down from Canada or other cold northern areas in early November, only to fly home for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and return here after New Year’s Day. Others just trickle in over the next couple of months.

It was great fun seeing this fire engine in the park – no, nothing was on fire. The crew was just enjoying playing pickleball on the uncrowded courts! We had to welcome them, and watch for a few minutes… they don’t play any better than we do! Doubly welcome!

We tried a “Sit Spot” one morning, to see if birds would arrive if we were still and quiet for a long time. It was peaceful, and we saw a few birds. Mostly just a restful time. We’ve got to locate a convenient sit spot somewhat close to our park.

Tuesday found us flying to Lincoln to see family. From Tucson to Denver was on Mesa airlines, which must believe in saving money on fancy paint jobs, and going for understated grey. Then in Denver’s newest terminal, we boarded a plane in United’s livery headed for Lincoln.

We’re going to spend the first half of our trip at Jeanne and Steve’s place, while they take a vacation.

Walking around the neighborhood it’s interesting to see how leaves apparently don’t fall on some yards! Ha!

Over several trips to see Kevin and Becky (and of course Dayna and Peter) I have helped Kevin drywall his garage. It’s been done in stages because stuff has to be moved around, and this is the final stage. Really the only reason it wasn’t done last time was the huge metal shelving that would have to be moved. Well, we moved it (not as hard as I’d expected) and are getting the last corner finished.

The drywall is all up, and now just needs to be taped and painted! Yay!

Now for the icing on the cake… Peter practicing his Guitar, with a little phrase from the Star Wars Cantina song:

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