Too Hot!!

Goldfield, Nevada was our first stop after leaving Reno. A very amusing little RV park… We’d called ahead, and the guy told us to go to site 210. He must have said “to 10” because there were only 11 sites. When we got there, nobody was in an office. We pulled in #10, and were really too long for it. Within ten minutes, at least three other rigs pulled in, and nobody knew where to go or how to pay or whatever. Then the manager (??) came and was all flustered about so many arrivals simultaneously. Very amusing.

Near a rest stop somewhere in Nevada…

I was amused to see signs pointing to a Sand Mountain, just labeled “Big Dune.” We didn’t detour to see it up close.

Did I mention it was HOT!? I was proud of our rig for never heating up, whatever the weather. Even pulling uphill in all this heat, the engine stayed cool… until it didn’t! It started overheating, and got so bad we were forced to pull off and let it cool down. We did that a couple of times, then made it to a wide spot where we would be safer. That morning, anticipating the climb in hot weather, I had washed the radiator well and made sure the fluid was topped up. No good. We ended up calling a tow truck. About five hours later a nice guy with a lowboy trailer showed up and towed us about 35 miles into Wickenburg, Arizona. It was dark before we arrived, and we just parked in front of a diesel repair place we’d talked to on the phone.

First, he disconnected his lowboy trailer from his tractor, moving the truck out of the way. Then he drove the motorhome up on the lowboy, and I guided him using our little walkie-talkies. He then he backed the truck into place, and the hitch grabbed the trailer and lifted it into position. Quite interesting. So our rig was on the trailer facing backwards.

Here you can see our rig being pulled backwards. (I’m sure this ride was the fastest our motorhome has ever travelled backwards!) I rode with the tow driver, and had a good time chatting with him.

So… Welcome to Wickenburg! We arrived Monday night, slept in the rig parked in front of their garage. As of the cut-off time for this blog, we were still there! Waiting on diagnosis, parts location, parts delivery, wrong parts delivery, etc. etc. etc. Tune in next week to see if we are still in Wickenburg!

Wickenburg might be a cute little town if you were not being held there against your will! They have a lot of interesting statuary, dedicated to all sorts of folks. Even animals, like this snake.

They have a very nice museum, with a bit of the town represented as it was in the 1890’s. Many rooms of nice houses, fully furnished.

I thought this 5th year textbook was pretty amazing!

A diorama of gold mining and processing:

Another form of transport that was probably plenty hot!

We had to leave the motorhome every morning, while they supposedly worked on it. We had some nice walks, like at this Hassayampa River Preserve. Saw some birds, but they wouldn’t pose as well as this butterfly.

So who knows… maybe next week I’ll have some nice history of Wickenburg to present. We’ve read a lot, but I don’t feel like writing it now! Maybe we’ll be living in Wickenburg forever!? Come back next week for The Rest Of The Story!

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  1. Sorry for your trials! Great photos though! I imagine you have eaten at both (are there more than one?) Mexican restaurants there in Wickenburg! 🙏

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