We spent another week in Spokane, and were privileged to see a few of our grandkid’s soccer games. Not too many pictures, but fun games!

MORE Maintenance

We also did a ton of deferred maintenance on the motorhome. I’ve been waiting to fix some annoying water leaks until I could have a safe place to take apart the basement near the tanks. In our kid’s yard would be the best place ever! It is a big job, taking the compartments apart, and I’ll admit to have been dreading it. (I’ve done it before…) I found some things to fix that I hadn’t known about, and was tricked by one leak’s hiding its true location from me. That meant I waited for several days for a part it turned out I didn’t even need. Such is adventure! All is fixed now, and reassembled. It feels great to be done!

Family Portraits

We got to join our kids in some family portraits. We’d been planning on a certain late afternoon when all of us, and the photographer, could schedule a time. But it rained on and off all day. The photographer was called several times during the day, but she always insisted that it would be fine. So we met in a park, and it stopped drizzling minutes before the first car full arrived.

Bryan was in that first car, so he got a couple of shots in before Karen and Ashlyn arrived.

I should point out that the photographer was really great, and I shamelessly shot away as she posed folks and clicked away with a “real” camera.

It rained off and on the whole time – we’d sometimes dash under a big tree, and then decide it was better and venture out again. Really quite fun!

You can see the weather changed rapidly!

Upper Columbia Academy

Ashlyn’s band played for Alumni Weekend at Upper Columbia Academy, where she is studying this year. We aren’t alumni of that school, but had to hear them perform. They were great! Extra impressive when it is so early in the school year.

Cool Tiny Jets

We drove by a field where radio controlled airplanes were being flown, and had to stop and watch! My favorite was this F-14 Tomcat, with electric jet engines! A very impressive jet. Three jets (of different types) took off quickly one after another, so there were three of these VERY FAST guys in the air simultaneously.

Here is a 85 second video of the cool Tomcat:

Good Friends & Good Games

Saturday night was a great night – we had our friends Jeffrey and Brooke over to play Wingspan. If you like really complicated, beautifully crafted games, and like birds, you might enjoy Wingspan. We love it! Pictured below are some of the pieces, stored in a clever container Brooke found on Etsy. Or someplace.

Here are all the happy Wingspan players – Ashlyn, Jeffrey, Brooke and two others…

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