Piles o’ Pilings

Last week was a surprise trip up to Anacortes, Washington, for Cherryl’s class reunion. We’d already booked a stay a bit south of there, in Hoquiam, right near Aberdeen, so we moved there after the reunion.

We brought a bug with us as we left… Cherryl quickly came down with cold symptoms, and I followed a day or two later. We were very glad we had a beautiful place to be, where we could take it easy and recover.

It was indeed a beautiful place. Our home was just 50 feet from the river. There were a few little decks at the river’s edge, affording a gorgeous view.

The campground included something like 9 acres of land past where all the RVs were, and several trails wandered through the woods. I took far too many pictures (I’ve been known to do that before) because as the lighting changed, everything looked different. We had a couple of days of rain, which suited us just fine.

On many places along the banks, there were pilings that once held docks and more. Some were obviously retaining walls, most supported piers that logging companies used to transfer the logs onto trains. One set of tracks, long overgrown, still reaches the river.

I loved how many of the pilings sported young trees on top! They looked to me like nice little natural Bonsai trees, and that made me think of my friend Jeffrey C. and his hobby of training gorgeous Bonsai trees. So Jeffrey, these are for you!

So we pretty much spent the week walking in the great forest, along the river. Taking pictures. Now you get to see some, without me talking so much.

One more thing… we saw deer, up pretty close. Usually you can get deer to look at you from 100 feet away, then the prance of into the woods and you just see their tails. This one below was far closer, but the same story – she waltzed off fairly soon.

These next deer were different! We were sitting on a bench, maybe 15 feet off the trail, when a doe timidly walked right by us. She had seen us, but obviously wasn’t too concerned. After she ambled by, her two fawns followed. They seemed a bit more nervous, and bounded off quickly… but you can see for yourselves in the short video below.


  1. Enjoyed the beautiful river and the walking paths, the bonsai gardens and much more! Thanks for taking us along.

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