Maranatha WWU Part 2

We’re at Walla Walla University, with a Maranatha project, upgrading an old dormitory. Those pictures aren’t too exciting, so I’m just going to show a bit of our relaxing time. [Like these pictures ARE exciting?]

The first Saturday afternoon we drove quite a ways to a park alongside a river. The location is a heavily guarded secret, so I cannot divulge exactly where we were. [Or I forgot the name of the place.] While it was 103 degrees in Walla Walla, it was only a cool 100 here, but with shade and a nice breeze it was pretty nice. As evening rolled in, we had a nice picnic supper, to wrap up a great day.

On Sunday I bumped into an old friend… Derek was a classmate of mine in Newbold College, outside London, England. That was 50 years ago… and I haven’t talked with him since. Fun to catch up a bit with hime!

The second Saturday afternoon we drove to Harris Park – only a little over a half hour from the University. A nice river, pretty green grass and trees, and SHADE!

This time we didn’t picnic at the park, because we’d been invited by Dave and his lovely wife Alisa to a dinner / pool party at their house. Very cool! We had great food, followed up with ice cream and strawberries. It also felt very good to get in the pool!

Walla Walla University has a very beautiful campus, and that’s true even in the dark!

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  1. Great pics! Interesting that you went to school in London with Derek Morris. I always wanted him to be the main speaker for Tahoe Camp Meeting, but it didn’t work out. The pics of the folks in the shade of the big trees reminds me of cattle on the hillside…all huddled together in the shade of the trees! It can be very hot in Walla Walla! Have fun with the project there.

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