More Maintenance

We briefly had some really nice days in Tucson… before it started getting cold. Gotta love the beautiful skies!

Monday afternoons is Dulcimer time. This week we had record numbers – 10 of us! I may have the most beautiful dulcimer in the group (I made it…) but I’m the worst player in the group. I’ve learned a lot, however. Just don’t expect me to play anything for you!

Another hobby I’m playing with here is woodcarving. Before we left last spring, I cut this little guy out of a hunk of basswood, thinking I’d finish him during the summer. Wrong! I did a little bit, but not much. When we got back here to Tucson, the carving club helped me get back to work.

A drawing or pattern is glued to the wood, then you can cut it out on a band saw. The campground here has a fantastic wood shop, so that makes it fun.

So I have finished carving him, and have started painting. Almost done! I’ll show it to you next week.

Saga of new tires, continued:

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I picked up a huge sharp thing in one front tire. (Read it here.) This was just before we were headed to Mexico for a month. These tires are enormous, and rare. There were none available in the country! We ended up buying two used tires, that looked fine but turned out to be un-balanceable (that SHOULD be a word! So we drove all through Mexico with tires that vibrated badly at any speed between 49 and 55mph. Like what we always drove down there. If the roads weren’t bad enough, my tires accentuated the vibration. Well, now Michelin has made the new batch they promised, and I snagged a couple. They were made on January 5 at 10:36pm. Cool!

The tires were shipped to Jack Furrier Commercial tire center here in Tucson, where they took very good care of us! I helped by using the leveling jacks to raise the front tires off the ground…

I’m still amazed how massive these tires are…

Now we have beautiful new tires up front, and they drive so smoothly! Such a relief! Next I need to get a good alignment job, to be sure everything is straight after Alaskan and Mexican pavement challenges…

Exotic Food?

While in a grocery store in Baja, we saw a can of Hominy. I don’t think I’ve had any since I was a kid. My grandparents used to make hominy periodically, and I thought it was interesting. It seemed fun to get a can, and we are just now getting around to trying it. [Yes, I’m sure you can get it in the states, and many people eat it here, but it was different for us.]

Notice the $50 price tag! No price limit on adventure for us! Ha! (That price is in Pesos… about $2.50 USD)

So we heated the Hominy up, and tried it plain, and in soup, and with Lentils, etc. It might be a while before our next adventurous can of Hominy.

Cherryl is singing in the Villageaires choir, and having fun with it. So I used the above mentioned exotic food and made her musical toast – with four part Hominy. [Don’t shoot me!]

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  1. Your tire troubles and cave wanderings remind me of our trip to Ireland a few years ago. Have a look in your Email. I’m sending a travelogue I wrote about our Irish adventures.

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