Quite a Quiet Christmas

There’s nothing wrong with a somewhat silent Christmas. We were not with any of our kids, and that meant not in freezing cold and snow. I think we were all OK with that!

We had nice visits with Jim and Shelly, who were staying across from us. We had a nice time with Gerry and Carolyn, from next door. Both these times were fun, but I never took pictures.

We also had a great dinner on Christmas Eve with new friends from church; Dave and Marlene.

We drove toward Phoenix to meet up with Vicki and Ron, and their friends. Ezekiel 4:9 bread is the result of Jim and Marsha’s efforts to make super healthy bread – many grained bread made with sprouted grains and no preservatives. It’s really great tasting bread! We got to peek in the factory and see hundreds of loaves moving in huge cooling racks and later getting packaged. They have 5 bakeries/factories around the country. They have several types of bread – Try them!

When we were hearing about the super sub zero temperatures and huge snowfalls in the northern half of the country, we were walking around in shorts and t-shirts under clear blue skies. I had to send a picture to our families to warm them up!

Still prepping for our next big road trip, I installed a Dash Cam in the motorhome. The thing is tiny, and seems to take great photos. I measured carefully to find the center of the rather large windshield, and marked it with a Post-It note. I forgot to remove the note before this picture. You also get a nice close up of our Christmas lights!

A lot of folks have decorated their park models or RV’s with lights and more. Since I’m sure you’re jealous of spending Christmas in an RV park, I’ve taken many pictures of their efforts.

The model train layout is also very festive, and looks pretty good at night.

See if you can spot our modest decoration efforts!


  1. Thanks for the info on your trip to see us and the Torres. I will show to them tomorrow. Good plug for the bread. Safe travels in Mexico and let us know when you are back in Tucson . Vicki

  2. Happy Holidays! I do hope our paths cross again in the future and while we’re all on the road. Alaska never lets up, we’re enjoying a lot of snow and cold weather!

    Happy New Year!

    Scott and Lisa

    • So good to hear from you! It’s a bit warmer here than in Alaska… we’re about to enter Baja California.

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