Tucson Take Two!

Last winter we spent most of it in Tucson. The place we stayed had so many interesting things to do, and we made so many great friends, that we decided to winter here again. Mostly.

When we arrived last year, we were excited to see Road Runners. We looked for weeks before seeing a Road Runner. This time on one of our first walks in the neighborhood we saw one, just meandering around on somebody’s carport. He wasn’t particularly afraid of us, either. Fun!

So here is sunrise over the park. We’ve been surprised at how cold it’s gotten, but there isn’t any snow!

Motorhome Maintenance

We have a couple of weeks until our next planned outing… (stay tuned!) But weeks seem to go by pretty quickly. One big thing that needed to be done was the oil change/chassis lube/annual maintenance on our motorhome. The closest Freightliner dealer said it was “first come – first served” and that a way to get in line early was to check in the night before. Then stay in the RV sites they have right there… nice long sites with full hookups and 50 amp power! Cool! Checked in Wednesday evening, spent the night, and was in line before 7am when they open. I don’t think they started till after noon, because we drove by on an errand and saw it sitting in the back lot. Thursday evening came and they said they weren’t done yet… so we spent another night. Surely on Friday they’d just be a couple of hours!… nope… they said at 4pm they had just a couple of hours more, and we could spend the night again and come back Saturday! I said your hours are till 7pm – please just finish it!! By 7 they weren’t done… we got it back at 8pm! From the labor rate they charged me they only had 7.5 hours working on it. Not impressed! But they did have 3 nice RV pads!

Moon over the Mountains:

Second night:

Here’s a silly video… They are moving a lot more “Park Models” into this place. A park model is like what we used to call “Mobile Homes” but smaller. I’m told they are all 38 feet long, at least in this park. I’ve wondered how they get them in these sites, because it’s tricky enough getting our rig in place. Then I saw a truck pulling a park model in, and I followed it. Now you can have the thrill of watching them place it, in less than a minute. (Watch for the truck mashing a sign)

I guess the big truck just has to get the trailer in the spot, and later a small rig will reposition it precisely where needed, and then they remove the wheels and hitch and it’s a stationary aluminum box you can live in. (As compared to ours; a fiberglass box with wheels still attached and used!)


  1. Nice Vid Bruce , park models defeat our purpose – exploration so we are unlikely to get one . Let’s find some visiting time maybe Sunday ? C heads to the airport very early Monday and I Tuesday .

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