Flying Over Washington

Our daughter Karen is teaching special skills to kids who have difficulties with reading. She is starting a new curriculum, and we were privileged to spend some time with her at the school, getting some new stuff set up. Laminating, trimming, cutting, sorting – it was like crafts day!


Soccer season ended on Thursday, and Volleyball started on the following Monday. After only a couple of days practice as a team, the kid’s school played their first games against another school. Our school won the overall tournament in Soccer, but they aren’t quite that good at Volleyball yet. Yet! Just you wait, world! (This is a gentle way of saying they got beaten dramatically, but there’s time still!)

Revolutionary Teachings

We’ve recently been going over Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount” as found in Matthew 5-7. The first part is known as the Beatitudes, and it was really radical stuff – turned the listening world upside down. It is still turning the world upside down…

Flight over Washington

Loren had a flight booked in a gorgeous Cirrus 22T with an instructor, and I got to tag along. The plane is turbocharged, which translates into fast and high. We cruised at 14-15K feet, and used the built in oxygen system. We flew west from Spokane to Mt Vernon, quite near Puget Sound. We could see Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, and even a glimpse of Mt Rainier. We must have flown pretty much over Grand Coulee Dam, but I never noticed that till looking at maps later. The Cirrus is very nicely equipped and very comfortable. One thing surprised me – when we were getting out, after dark, the cabin lights sent a spotlight down to the customized logo on the carpet in the back seat. So cool!

At Mt Vernon, we stopped at a Cirrus Service Center, and checked out several of the Cirrus Vision jets. Very nice. If I had several million I didn’t need elsewhere…

After we parked the plane and headed to the on field restaurant, an amphibious plane parked next to us. When you take a rather normal Cessna and perch it up on floats, it gets really tall!

It was great fun to be in such a sophisticated aircraft, but the scenery stole the show. Absolutely magnificent mountains!

I put together some shots of the flight to Mt Vernon and back. Hope you enjoy it!

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