2 Spokane

New Hazelton, British Columbia

The visitor’s center here features three sculptures representing early arrivals in the area: the gold rush packer Cataline, a Northwest miner, and the Upper Skeena logger. Cataline’s real name was Jean Caux. He played a key role in everything from the Cariboo Gold Rush to the Yukon Telegraph Line. (Yes, that’s how they spell Cariboo here!)

From the visitor’s center a short drive takes you to a park where you can view the Seven Sisters mountains over the Bulkley River.

But to get there, you must cross this very high, very narrow bridge. It is one of the highest suspension bridges in Canada, 460 feet long and soaring 262 feet above the river. And it is barely one lane wide! Traffic takes turns crossing, and the signs say only one truck is allowed at a time on the bridge. Is our motorhome a truck? Does the Suburban we tow make a second truck? Will our motorhome really fit on such a narrow path? Well, we made it, with only a slight elevation in blood pressure!

It starts looking much narrower when approaching in the motorhome!

Telkwa, British Columbia

We had a nice stay at Fort Telkwa RV park, where we were backed up to a cliff. At the bottom of the steep cliff was this nice river. A walking path made it easy to get to the riverside.

Prince George, British Columbia

By now we were pretty much just moving south… We wanted to be in Spokane by the end of the week to celebrate our grandson’s birthday, so we didn’t do much in Prince George. But we did have a nice overnight stop.

Even though we had no specific sights to see on our road south, the scenery was still gorgeous.

Cache Creek, British Columbia

During another overnight stay, this time in Cache Creek, we met a nice guy staying in this cool tent-over-truck rig. He said it was fun, but with he and his wife and two kids, it was a bit much. He was on his way to Oregon to buy a travel trailer.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Our final stop in Canada, and what we’d call the end of our Alaskan Adventure, was the surprisingly large city of Abbotsford. We stayed in a very nice campground, that even had a hot tub!

The icing on the cake, and the real reason for our visit to Abbotsford, was to see good friends Chuck and Christine. We spent a delightful afternoon and evening with them – including dinner at a great Indian restaurant and sitting on the deck at Chuck’s beautiful home enjoying catching up while viewing Mt. Baker.

Here is the sun setting through the smoke over Mt. Baker. There had been quite a lot of smoke from wildfires as we approached Abbotsford, which closed some highways near our route.

Spokane, Washington

We made it in time for Bryan’s birthday! Fun with family and ice cream! His party will be next week… see you then!

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  1. Beautiful scenery and dalia!! I imagine it was fun to get back with family and enjoy ice cream!! Tx for taking us along on the Alaskan trip!

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