Back in Leavenworth

A while back I wrote a blog about “Why would anyone want to go to Leavenworth… referring, of course, to the Leavenworth Penitentiary a little north of Kansas City. [Read it Here]

Well, like too many prisons, this Leavenworth (in Washington) has a very high recidivism rate. In other words, once you’ve been there, you’ll likely return. It’s just that beautiful!

We took our home with wheels to our kid’s house in Spokane, and a few days later we headed to a rented condo in Leavenworth.

The Wenatchee river runs along the edge of town, and there are many hiking or biking trails nearby.

We took a nice ride with Loren, Karen, Ashlyn and Bryan along the river and through the woods. (not to grandmother’s house we go…)

We saw a few rafts float by. I’m not sure if they do any rapids, or just enjoy the views and wildlife spotting.

The flowers were abundant and gorgeous…

A little branch off the main river looked less treacherous to cross, so our grandkids had to try it. We know it was over 32 degrees, because it was fluid, but we’re sure it wasn’t much over that!

I think it was Ashlyn who first spotted this gorgeous Harlequin Duck. It posed for us a while in the middle of the rushing, freezing water, then jumped in and rafted downstream. (This made our bird count to 222!) (We started counting in April last year)

Another new bird for us was this little Nashville Warbler. (Number 221) Rather elusive, we all looked hard for him where we heard his song, and Loren was the first to spot him.

This beautiful Osprey never came quite in camera range, but here are a couple attempts at catching him.

We were walking through a beautiful campground, and came upon this little tree! I’m not sure why it was cut down, because it didn’t look diseased or anything. It was fun trying to get the scale of this massive tree in a photo.

Next week I will attempt to document the charm of this little Bavarian village, nestled in the woods of central Washington.


  1. Love all the pictures!
    Neat birds 🦅 and trees 🌲Can’t wait to hear about Leavenworth ❤️ as I’ve been there and loved it too‼️

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