Gazillions of Gems!

Tucson is famous for a huge Gem Show early every year. We decided we should check it out… turns out there is more than one campus; some are free, and some require an admission fee. Not knowing what we would find, and not being in the market for gems (or much of anything) we went to the free site. It is at a fairground, and there are MANY huge tents, and lots of stuff out in the open. As I know nothing whatever about gems, I will not comment much on the following pictures… (I know, what a relief!)

This is apparently my birthstone, but I didn’t buy a box.

Just lots of shiny rocks.

These were cute little wire and rock sculptures, including a “Money Tree!”

More beads than can be imagined!

Cool Crystals:

Maybe these would make nice night-lights for grandkids??

There was a whole room full of huge panels, maybe 4 by 4 feet, with stained glass lit from behind. The colors were stunning!

Lots of beautiful slabs, fun to look at, glad I didn’t have to buy (or lift) any! (That’s a nice perk of living in a motorhome!)

One parting shot… I’ve been spending some time with the woodcarving group where we’re staying. I just finished carving a little gnome. He’s gonna say goodbye for me now.


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