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So we are wintering just outside of Tucson, Arizona this year. We are in this park filled with nice folks and way too much to do! There are something like 84 groups doing everything imaginable. Ukulele, Woodworking, Woodcarving, Bocce Ball, Pickle Ball, Tennis, Pottery, Ceramics, Dulcimers (!), Choirs, Stained Glass, Swedish Weaving (?), Square Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Knitting, Quilting, Brazilian Embroidery (??) and 10 times that with other things I don’t have the energy to type. I’m having fun with the Woodcarving, Mountain Dulcimer and Ham Radio groups. And our street has a block party every Friday afternoon, and the guys get together for breakfast Wednesday mornings, and… well, it’s hard to fit everything in!!

Our street… we are the rig to the right, just past the green luminary.

I forgot to mention the model train layout. There is a huge “G” gauge railroad setup outside near the office. These are a couple quick shots that I’m including because we’ve been too busy to get out much. I plan on taking some better shots of the train world later.

Sleep Number Troubles

We have been blessed with a King Sized Sleep Number bed in our little house. Until my side started leaking. If you’re not familiar with them, Sleep Number beds are just fancy air chambers inside nice padded mattress covers, and you can adjust the pressure according to how soft or hard you’d like your side to be. 100 is very firm, and 20 is like a bowl of soggy Rice Krispies. My side started going from 80 to soggy cereal overnight. After almost an hour on their “Help” chat, I convinced the guy I had an RV King mattress, and ordered a new chamber. A week later it arrived, and it was the wrong part. I tried the chat again, and got a gal who wasted 1.5 hours before finally telling me I’d have to call back Monday morning and talk to someone else. (Why couldn’t she have started with that???) So a couple of days later, with only 30 minutes on the phone, we got the part ordered. Another week and it arrived, and IT FITS! Sent the other one back and we are all set. Nice to be rid of the soggy cereal.

Thanksgiving with Darrell and Lisa

When these longtime friends said they were headed for Phoenix, and then Sedona for the long Thanksgiving weekend, we decided it would be fun to have dinner together. Cherryl had said she was going to make our customary Thanksgiving feast, even if it was just the two of us. This made it far more fun! Except we couldn’t make them drive two hours in the wrong direction after flying on Thanksgiving day! So we moved our home up a ways north of Phoenix, on their way to Sedona.

We stopped for a light lunch in a rest area south of Phoenix, then moved on to the Pioneer RV Resort a bit further north.

Our site had a nice view of the desert hills. Too bad Darrell and Lisa got there after dark! We had a matching Dutch Star next to our site. It was in storage there, most likely awaiting owners to spend the winter.

So I did my all too frequent trick of having way too much fun eating and talking to remember to take pictures of our fun guests! Well, trust me, dinner was great and the company fantastic!

Jim and Jan

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with good friends Jim and Jan. They have a beautiful home with a backyard opening up on miles of wild desert. A great time!

Jan’s artwork is featured several places in the home (like between us here,) and Jim’s awesome model railroad fills a room in the back of the house.

The following pictures are just behind their backyard fence.

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