What, Me Golf?

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’ve only gone golfing about three times in my life. The third time was last Sunday. Wait for it… First I get to show you pictures of Saturday night’s party at our kid’s place. They have a nice fire pit behind the lawn, and they had lots of friends over. We roasted hot dogs, made s’mores, and generally had a great time.

After the eating was over, the kids all wanted to play “Dark and Go Seek.” They decided to make it harder to be found, they would smear charcoal all over themselves. This was done before asking any parents for permission…

Sunday morning we decided to film Bryan’s bike trail. He has set up a pathway through the trees that is surprisingly long. You can watch as he and his dad have fun on this trail.

There has been a nice little 9 hole golf course near their house. It was bought out by someone, probably to build more houses. (Ugh!) They said Sunday would be the last day to play that course. I figured if I’m ever going to play on a public course, this would be the time, so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty for all the divots I’m likely to dig. It was a glorious day, and we had a great time, especially since we didn’t try to keep score! They have a “Foot golf” course also – a separate tee, and large holes near the green to accept soccer balls. Karen elected to kick her way around the golf course. Pretty cool.

The grandkids had another “Away” game, so we drove 45 minutes to Elwood to watch. It really feels in the middle of nowhere! The whole town is in the picture below, and otherwise all you can see for miles is farmland.

Ashlyn had a birthday! She’s now an official teenager!

One perk of turning thirteen is that you can legally sit in the front seat!

Another soccer match took us towards Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Another beautiful day and a fun game.

The colors are changing all over town. Mostly bright yellows, but some nice red trees are around. We went by the conference office, and gazed at their vibrant red trees.


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