Settling in Spokane

Saturday night we had a Jelly session at Jeffrey and Brooke’s place. (Too civilized to be a real Jam session…) They are good friends of our kids, and now friends of ours. We had lots of fun with the music, then the kids played downstairs while the adults played table games a bit more peacefully.

One morning was perfect weather for a long walk in the James T Slavin Conservation Area. Just a few minutes from “home,” we saw a million birds, a few horses, and lots of beautiful trees.

To celebrate both Bryan and Ashlyn’s birthdays, we locked them up. Well, actually, we all got locked up. As we were waiting to enter this escape room, we saw that it had only a 33% success rate… It was going to be harder than we had thought! The event started with Bryan and Loren being handcuffed and locked in a cell within our locked room. All of us got to work quite efficiently, and the teamwork was awesome. (If I do say so myself) I can’t spoil it for you, but after solving a couple million puzzles, WE ESCAPED! with one minute seven seconds to spare!

Loren is getting type-certified in a Cirrus – a slick plane with an all glass cockpit and even a parachute if you are in huge trouble. (The parachute will probably save your life, but destroy the airplane. Far better to fly safely and land like a pilot.) I got to tag along on a beautiful morning as he did instrument approaches, failed primary flight display, and touching down at three different airports.

I had to take a little video…

Soccer season is here! Both our grandkids are playing, and we got to see their first game. Great fun! Oh, and yes, they won 3-0.

Apple picking is fun, and the place up the street has MANY different varieties. We picked a couple boxes full.

There were also a few Blackberries for picking, if you could find them. We were a little late for the berries. They claim this is a 500 pound pumpkin… we didn’t lift it to be sure.

The Von Seery Family Singers provided music for the kid’s division at church on Sabbath. Then their friend Elise played very nicely for the main church service. Great!

Church had hardly been out for a few minutes before Ashlyn found her way up a tree!

That afternoon was calling out for a bike ride, so we answered that call with a trip to the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. About a 30 minute drive from “home,” it offered a nice loop trail and awesome scenery. We met some folks who told us where we’d be most likely to see Moose, but we didn’t find any. But we did have a nice bike trip!

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