Friends, Family & Fantastic Forests

Our week in Sacramento, California was spent at the Elegant Estate of Earnie and Wendie. More gracious hosts could not be imagined!

Earnie has a few gorgeous collector cars… including this ’69 Firebird. He offered me a ride, which I gladly accepted! He even dusted it off, after we removed the cover.

I called this their “estate” simply because it’s beautiful… and has plenty of elbow room. Nice pool, pond in the back, and some really great Oak Trees. The tree below is a rare variety (so rare I cannot remember its name) and is estimated to be about 750 years old! So it would have been over 200 years old when Columbus “discovered” America! Fun to think about!

We also got together with long time friends Barry and Beth. So much fun to catch up with them!

Even if they’re a bit silly too!

Then we met up with Bill and Darla. We worked with them in Taiwan a whole lot of years ago! It was wonderful to see them after far too long of an interval… and glad they are doing so well. God is Good!

Then off to see Rick and Sharon, my cousin. They are looking good too! Such fun!

We had a nice day with Dallen and Virginia. She is my Dad’s cousin, and we have lots of fun memories of the two of them going back many decades! I did my usual thing of forgetting to take a picture of them! (maybe a sugar-coma after that awesome home-made pie!) So I’m posting a picture taken on their 60th wedding anniversary, a couple of years ago. Thanks Diane for sending me this!

Redwood Country

Then off to Eureka, California, heart of the Redwoods. We spent a few days here, to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary!

It is impossible to capture the essence of these gigantic trees… but I kept trying anyway.

We ate lunch perched on a fallen log, which must have been over 10 feet in diameter. That gave us a good vantage point to watch a couple cute families climbing over an adjacent log.

When I walked near them, one gal looked at me, did a double take, pointed at me, and stood there with her mouth open for a minute. So I pointed back at her… and she said “I know you! You’re a dentist. And you went to Cascas, Peru with us!” Turns out she was on a couple of what I refer to as our Dental Mission Trips, but must remember there was a sizable Medical contingent as well. Which included her! I then said I thought I recognized the other gal, and it turns out her Dad went to our church years ago. When I told this story to Karen and Loren, they said they’d gone to school with her and also worked at summer camp with her! It really IS a small world!

I think these magnificent trees set up a feeling more sacred than a cathedral…

I was fascinated by the size of the roots pulled up when one of these giant redwoods falls.


  1. nice pictures .i will be a Yosemite park next week. still enjoying the new teeth you gave me thanks again

  2. Back in our old stomping grounds! That Firebird is beautiful! And, yes, the Redwoods are my favorite cathedral. Lovely shot with the streaming light. Nice you were able to see Dallen and Virginia, too. Happy Trails.

  3. Nice pictures of the redwoods. I lived about three miles upriver from the Founders tree for a few years in the late 70s. We were the caretakers at the Redwood Campground where the Northern California Campmeeting is held.

  4. Love the pics of the redwoods! Such beautiful trees. What a surprise to see Dallen and I on our 60th which was three years ago. 🙂 Actually, your dad was my uncle (my mother was his sister) and you are my first cousin! Oh, well….Thanks again for coming to see us. The honey is delicious and great on waffles!! Thanks!!

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