Back in Colorado

I fully intended to get some nice drone footage of the Union College campus before we left. I started, but only did a small part of it before getting distracted. So this little shot features the dorm where we worked, and a couple other buildings. At least it’s not too long!

And after the great celebration on the 4th of July, we had to get another “Nature Fix” with our kayak on Holmes Lake. I include the picture below because when we were there only a few days prior to this shot, there was only one Lily blooming. Now there were several!

On the road again –

You might wonder why I include a picture of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska. Interstate 80, formerly the Lincoln Highway, runs along the Platte River. Grand Island really is that – an island a couple miles wide, and forty miles long. Pawnee Indians used to camp on the island, with its plentiful wood and water. In 1857 a town company attempted to create a town adjacent to the island, but it failed in bankruptcy. When the Union Pacific Railroad arrived in 1866, the town flourished, becoming the county seat. And if I hadn’t stopped there, I’d never have read all that, and you wouldn’t have either!

After 8 hours or so on the road, we make it to Campion Academy, where we will stay the next couple of weeks. If we look a bit ragged… well, we felt like it.

I should mention that Campion is rated best private high school in the county! Cool, huh? Below you can see the field we are staying in… almost all to ourselves.

The school’s mascot is a Cougar, and they have this rather nice sculpture guarding the campus.

One thing we don’t miss about Denver is the traffic. On the way “home” from a visit to Denver.

We visited our favorite hair guy (Barber? Stylist?) and he got us looking a lot better! Thank you Dave! (at Tala Salon in Denver in case you want to look this good!)

Our home in Campion, with our new car. OK, it’s not really our car. The Suburban was getting a paint touch-up where the hood got chipped from riding so close to the motorhome when we drive. We now have it all prettied up, and a clear shield placed so it won’t get worse again. Mile High Car Helper is where we had it done, and it looks fantastic. They also gave me the cute little Audi A3 you see below as a loner. Great fun to drive! (But you’ll never get a kayak in the trunk!)

We were privileged to spend an evening with long time friends Joe and Giny. After dinner at P. F. Chang’s, we strolled along the adjacent sculpture garden. The weather was perfect, the sky beautiful, and the company superb!

The Chapungu Sculpture Garden has a Zimbabwean theme. Many of the sculptures, I’ll admit, left me a bit confused as to their point. But overall, the artwork is fun and the park is very pretty; a refuge of nature and wildlife so close to the city.

I believe there is actual water in this apparent river of grasses.

So as the son departed, so did we, capping off a great evening!


  1. Well, we (Julie and I) almost crossed paths again with you folks. We spent Sunday night at Chatfield State Park in Littleton. A nice urban green space that we would visit again. We are now in Kentucky and should be home on Monday. Enjoy your stay at Campion. (My mother is a proud alumna from a “few” years ago.). As always, we enjoyed your pictures!

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