Chummin’ in Chattanooga

Near Chattanooga, Tennessee, we had fun meeting up with distant relatives Angela and Norman, and their five (5!) cool kids! They first came to see us at our campsite the evening we arrived…

Which led to dinner together the following evening, and a late canoe/kayak excursion around Dallas Island (where we were camped) in Chester Frost park. They have one kid on a stand-up paddle board, two in their own kayaks, and the other two fit in the canoe with the parents. Add that to our tandem kayak, and we had a real flotilla! The sun set very late, and we were able to paddle and pedal till a surprisingly late hour.

The next day we spent some time at the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park. A sad story of how a huge group of Cherokee were moved off their land and placed in reservations elsewhere. Many died on what was essentially a forced march.

In that area is a nice boardwalk leading to beautiful views over the water.

Thursday was Angela’s birthday, so we celebrated with another flotilla excursion; this time to a Heron Rookery. We saw several Herons, and heard the tremendous racket their babies can make! They make a clicking noise that sounds like and old rollercoaster going up the first big hill… and the intensity makes you thing you’re at a construction site. We saw many beautiful homes along the shore.

Norman and Angela took a spin in our pedal kayak… they came back smiling.

That evening we had another nice dinner with the family, and also Norman’s folks, Norman and Julie. Angela’s sweet daughter Savannah baked a beautiful cake for her Mom’s birthday.

While in the area, we did a brief tour of Southern Adventist University… formerly called SMC. It really is a gorgeous campus, with a very southern feel to the architecture.

I wasn’t previously aware that Volkswagen has a plant in Chattanooga… but they have been building Altas models and some others there even without my awareness! I guess in previous years they have offered nice tours of the factory, but in this COVID climate that sort of thing is history.

Just because I have to get at least one bird picture in here, I’ll put up this rather nice Red-Headed Woodpecker. He makes me smile.

The McKee bakery, which makes “Little Debbie” snack foods, is another place that has shut down all tours. They do have a nice company store, where you can get all kinds of sweet stuff… and study pictures of the history of their bakery. I was amused with this shot of women icing little cakes… and can’t get the image of Lucy and the the candy production line out of my head. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try YouTube or click here.

Next stop was “Tween the Lakes RV Park” in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. An absolutely beautiful park, and a great place to rest up from the busy week!


  1. It was a pleasure to meet and become acquainted with both of you, as well as to discover that we have some friends in common. Small world!
    Next time you are in the area, Enterprise South Nature Park, next door to the Volkswagen plant, would provide the perfect setting for a bicycle “armada” with its paved or mountain bike trails.
    Happy trails and, perhaps, we’ll see you on the road.
    Norm & Julie

  2. We truly enjoyed your visit and look forward to next time. Thank you.

  3. Great to meet you out at Chester Frost. Being newbies to our camper you were such a great help to us and we really appreciated your assistance. Safe journeys to you and Cherryl.

    Pam and Gina

  4. Glad you had some good water time with the Harbottle family! Too bad the Little Debbie tours were down, but loved the “Lucy” pic! Loved the woodpecker…tx for taking us along and have more fun tomorrow!

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