Snow in Spokane

I am always looking to see a Moose when we travel up north. It rarely works out… but our kids have said they have seen a Moose on their property a few times! So I was really hoping I’d get that chance too. We did see one in a neighbor’s yard, but she was far away and I couldn’t traipse on private property, so this is the only picture I got. The icicles were seen on a walk a few miles from their house.

While staying at the kids’ place, sometimes they let me do “handyman” jobs. A couple of them were hanging a basketball backboard in the shop, and a “hanging thing” in the playroom. Ashlyn loves climbing (see last week’s blog) and this is a fancy finger hold to strengthen fingers and all the rest of a person. The basketball hoop has gotten a lot of use already!

When we arrived it was dark, but such a pretty night I tried a time exposure. That’s it on the left – on the right is a few days later after we got a bit of snow!

Their dog is both guarding the house and soaking up some sun!

We spent a little while locked in a prison cell… in an escape room. I was handcuffed to my grandson, and the girls put in one cell and the guys in another. It was fascinating, and very challenging! The bummer is that we failed to solve all the puzzles required for honorable discharge… turns out that this room had about a 30% success rate, which means we were right with the majority.

We went out to dinner to celebrate my daughters birthday (a bit early). We had a nice time, but I can’t help but notice similarities to the picture above! We did escape the restaurant unscathed.

I had a cute movie trailer with the kids sledding, but some gremlins seem to have stolen it from me! If I ever find it, I’ll put it here in place of this embarrassing paragraph.

The Grandkids’ school has a few ski days built into the curriculum, and we cleverly arranged to be there for one of them. We drove a little over an hour to Silver Mountain, Idaho. The resort is unusual, in that you ride the gondola to get to the main lodge, and all the ski lifts take you back to that lodge. When you are finished for the day, you ride the gondola back down to your car. The gondola ride is long and scenic, but the Plexiglas windows are scratched up enough to make for lousy pictures. I finally gave up and shot some anyway on the way down. When you first get on the gondola, it goes up over a mountain ridge, then down till it looks like you’ll land in a small town, then up steeply to the far higher peak where all the action is.

This video is really for my grandkids… they had lots of fun, especially on the terrain park, working on jumping. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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  1. Fun! Looked like beautiful snow and the kids did very well, especially backwards! 🙂

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