Thanksgiving 2020 Style

The days leading up to Thanksgiving were spent towing Jeanne and Steve’s new trailer from Phoenix to Lincoln for them. It actually towed very nicely – on the freeway you’d never know it was back there. That is, until you try to pass somebody. (Not that I did that very often!) That’s when the absurd length of this “train” was noticed… The motorhome’s rear-view camera looked right over the top of the trailer, but I couldn’t see what was behind it. I just allowed lots of extra space and it all went fine.

Rather than find a long camping site, one night we spent at a rest stop, right beside the freeway. It was good to be reminded why we don’t like to do that!

Campgrounds worked better…

I was occasionally reminded that we weren’t the only ridiculously long vehicles out there:

Landing in Lincoln

We dropped off the trailer, safe and sound, then proceeded to a campground south of Becky and Kevin’s’ place. One project we were looking forward to was assembling a playground set that they’d gotten, which was lying in pieces on their back lawn. Some of the original pieces were not too healthy, so we created new ones, which will eventually get stained to match the original. It was like putting a big puzzle together, except that I don’t really like doing puzzles, and this was fun!

When we got it somewhat started, we realized it wasn’t EXACTLY where it should be… and it was already too heavy to push into place. We decided to try pulling it with the Suburban. The only trouble was the super deep and sticky mud behind their lawn. No problem – just put bags on our feet to keep the mud off! (Isn’t Kevin clever?) The Suburban had no trouble pulling the playhouse to the proper spot, and I had fun spinning around the nearby roundabout to get the mud off the tires!


Thanksgiving dinner was really great, even if we had fewer folks at the table than usual. Great food and family make everything good.

Wagon Train Campground

This is the campground we stayed at for a few days. There was only one other rig there… and they chose the spot right next to the only site with 50amp power and no low tree branches that we could fit into. Sigh. I know they thought me super rude. After a couple of days we found a different section of the park that had plenty of spots that fit, so we moved.

Saturday afternoon we had lunch with Becky and Kevin, Jeanne and Steve, Grandma Joanne and all the grandkids. Outside, distancing and all that.

Kevin had a really cool kite, that spins on its long axis. He did a great job of getting it high in the sky, and letting all the little ones have a chance to hold it.


  1. That was nice of you hauling that trailer! Good thing you had the burb to pull it all!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The kids are really growing and I’m sure it was good to be with them on Tx.. Have fun!

    • Always great to hear from you! We actually pulled the trailer with the Motorhome… We don’t have a trailer brake controller in the Suburban, and the Motorhome pulled with no problems at all. Fun! Once this COVID stuff is done we need to go camping with you!

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