Pickin’ Berries, Pluckin’ Apples & Persuing Geysers

Before we left Spokane, we went Pickin’! Sherman Valley Farm is just down the road from the Kid’s place, and they have dozens of varieties of apples on hundreds of trees, and more blackberries than can be imagined. We learned a lot about apples, and took a lot of them home with us! We picked about 2 gallons of Blackberries, and the beautiful gracious proprietress would not charge us for them, because they were so late in the season! (So we left a nice donation). In a couple of weeks they press barrels of cider – wish we could come to that big party!

A surprise perk in the farm is a little zip line. It was intimidating only in that it was attached to what looked like very small branches! We were assured that the farm owner safely zipped, so we had to do it too!

What do you do with tons of apples and blackberries? Karen sent us off with a ready-to-bake homemade Apple Blackberry Pie. You wish you could have had some!!

Blackberry Apple Pie!

Coeur D’Alene

We had a nice quiet campsite near Lake Coeur D’Alene, where it was pretty obvious fall is moving in!

When exploring the forested campground, I was surprised by a very large cat hiding in the bushes…

Missoula, Montana

Next stop was Jim & Mary’s Campground in Missoula. A very pretty campground, with lots of flowers everywhere!

Amazing Yellowstone!

Then on to West Yellowstone… It’s only been a few years since we were here, but it always amazes! If you’ve never been here, Get Here! If you been before, here are just a few pictures of Yellowstone’s awesome features to jog your memory. I run out of superlatives pretty quickly, so I won’t try to comment on all these.

Except to say this sturdy Bison stopped a lot of traffic by walking down the middle of the road!

One morning we got up to see all these clouds moving rapidly in from the north, and in a few minutes we got snow! Not so much that stuck anywhere, but enough to emphasize fall is coming!

When in Yellowstone, you have to see Old Faithful erupt; it’s the law. So I included it in the following video – a compilation of some of my favorite views of our trip.

That finishes up our time in Yellowstone… and next we will head south, through the Grand Tetons. I’ll give you a teaser… It was almost more beautiful than Yellowstone! See you next week!

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