Quick Trip to Lincoln

Biking in Washington

This video is very short, and documents one of our last adventures in Kennewick before Karen and Loren moved to the Spokane area.  Besides being short, it has a very uplifting final shot!


Special Days in Lincoln

We flew (In a jet) to Lincoln to celebrate a few special days.

Becky and Kevin moved to Lincoln, Nebraska from Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  This was our first time to see their beautiful new home.  Again, you don’t get pictures.  Sorry.  But we love their new place and had fun helping them settle in.

Dayna’s birthday is the same as mine (She can’t be convinced that makes us the same age) and Cherryl’s is the following day.  We had 3 cakes!  The show-stopper was this one.  Dayna specified the design, colors, and even the tips to be used on the cake decorator!  As adorable as this cake is…

IMG_0655 3


…The drawing Dayna gave Becky is even cooler! Isn’t it awesome!?



Lincoln Zoo

A visit to the zoo with cousins too!  The animals didn’t seem to mind humans in masks.



Kids and cousins enjoyed climbing inside the huge whimsical elephant.



Watching the turtles get fed…



…turned Peter into a Ninja Turtle!



Peter coming out of his shell…




Brave Dayna!

IMG_0645 2


A little time on Union College Campus

Meeting friends at the clocktower is a tradition that we were able to continue, even though none of us are currently students at Union.




A great place to spend time with Jesus!!

IMG_0660 2


First Day of School!

Dayna and Peter are blessed to be going to a private Christian school, which is actually OPEN and doing classes in person.  Masks all day and MANY other concessions to virus-shunning, but they are happy to be in school!

IMG_0676 2






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