Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

“Spoonbridge and Cherry” is the centerpiece of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Over 50 feet long, it is an arresting sight!  The day we took our grandkids to see the Garden, it was very hot… water sprays out of the cherry stem and feels very good downwind!

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Absolutely impossible to get four people looking good simultaneously in heat and bright sunlight!


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Most of the sculptures had signs requesting not to touch or climb on.  This one invited climbing onto the swinging platform suspended in the center.

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Is this a “Bell-hop?”

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This looks like it’s made of driftwood.  The artist made it of wood, then took each piece and recreated it in bronze, added a patina to make it look like the original piece, then reassembled it into this airy equestrian.

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A Day in the Park

We got to spend some time with our grandkids while movers were packing up their house.  In addition to the Sculpture Garden, we spent some time on bikes and at the park.


Unusual Savory Cones

Once the house was partially packed and not very livable, we had dinner with the whole family in our motorhome.

I saw these cones somewhere, and had to try them.  So we took ice cream cones, and instead of ice cream, filled them with mashed potatoes!  Add a layer of peas on top and you have a novel dinner treat!

IMG_0065 2


After three days of packing, the movers had finished.  We moved our “home” from the campground to right in front of the house, where the moving van had been.  After a morning of final cleaning, we all left… the Nelsons headed to Lincoln, and we steered west.

This is our last visit to their home in Minnesota.


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McDowell Dam Recreation Area

This cute little lake near Bismarck, North Dakota, was in need of exploration, so we again got the kayak wet and offered our services.  Lots of beautiful birds in the reeds and trees around this peaceful lake.

IMG_0075 2

4th of July

We spent the evening of the 4th in our campground outside of Bismarck.  We could see lots of fireworks displays in the distance, but one trumped them all…





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