Cheesy Fun in Wisconsin

In our last episode, video footage documented a large family biking through the woods… in a park outside Minneapolis.  If you look closely at that video, you will notice Peter had a bike with no pedals!  It is called a “Strider.”  Peter hadn’t graduated to a bike with pedals… but the very next day he practiced hard and got the hang of it!  He then rode like a champ, and here is proof:



Wisconsin Dells

A very beautiful campground:




A fun evening with neighbors… and a crazy Tiki Tornado or something like that… Hollow in the middle, eyes and mouth cut into center so smoke and fire erupt everywhere… Hot Stuff!




We rode bikes into a cute little part of town.  OK, Ripley’s isn’t too quaint with the huge animals escaping the roof.



I was drawn to Mac’s because
1. That’s my Dear Old Dad’s name
2. It had to do with macaroni and cheese – a whole restaurant themed around it!





It wasn’t too crowded, so we tried it out.  I loved it.  Others must have seen how happy I looked, because later they all came in too.


They had several Mac Facts posted… here are a few:

Fact #1. Some cheeses are stored for a year before they are ready to eat.
Fact #3. Remains of cheese has been found in Egyptian tombs over 4,000 years old. (ready to eat yet??)
Fact #4. A farm in Sweden makes moose cheese.
Fact #6. It takes approximately 10 gallons of milk to make one pound of cheese.
Fact #7. The world’s largest consumer of cheese is Greece. (Per Capita, perhaps?)
Fact #9. Wisconsin and California are the top two cheese producers in the United States.





We took the kayak upriver and had a great time looking at the great cliffs along the shoreline.  The first time we’ve ever kayaked under trees!







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