Fun @ the Fort

We moved from Denver to Fort Collins, Colorado.  A KOA campground was surprisingly beautiful!  A nice walkway circles a small but picturesque lake.




Near the start of the lake walkway, I was surprised to see a bear!  OK, only painted on a rock…



But along the path were many other exotic animals – painted on dead trees.



There were even beds of herbs growing that we were free to help ourselves to.


Thursday we got the kayak out of our basement.  This is what it looks like folded up…



And here are a few pictures of it in use at Horsetooth Reservoir.  Supposedly Horsetooth valley was protected by a giant, to keep Indians from hunting game there.  Long ago, a Chief killed the giant with an axe from heaven, and the giant died and turned into a giant stone.  We never saw the stone, but did have some fun on the water.  Since the valley has been turned into a reservoir, I’m thinking the only game caught now is fish.




Here is a video of our time on the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir.



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