American Business Starting Up Again?

Lincoln, Nebraska

We’re back in Lincoln, probably for a few weeks… spending a bit of time with family.  We’ve had a couple of days in the 80’s – a nice time to have dinner Al Fresco!



Bike Ride

Across the highway and down a bit is a nice park.  We took the bikes and explored a bit.  It seems there is so much “Flying Saucer” traffic that they warn you to take care.  We saw a few Frisbee-Flingers, but were never seriously threatened.





Shocking News

A couple of weeks ago I closed the blog with the hint that the following blog might have “Shocking Project”.  It was a ridiculous teaser, since I was planning on replacing the front shocks on our home.  (How long has it been since you replaced the shocks on YOUR home??)  I actually did it, but didn’t take any pictures, and if there are no pictures I can’t tell if it really happened!  I spend too much time on the RV forums, and have read a lot about a certain KONI shock absorber that will help Freightliner Chassis Motorhomes ride better.  Ours rides like a dream – when the road is pretty smooth.  But when there is a pothole or big ridge in the pavement, it feels like it hits really hard.  So thinking any improvement is good, and having far too much time available, I ordered the shocks.  Installing them was every bit as much work as I’d expected, but with a tool borrowed from helpful neighbor David (The one buying the hunk of Arizona), I got ’em done.  Then didn’t test drive them for a week or so.  When we finally moved, last week, we found they were (Wait for it…         ) … fine. Cherryl is very polite, and knowing how hard I worked to change them, said it felt a bit better.  But in reality, I can’t say I feel a difference.  Maybe they will last longer, or… something else better.


DI Tanks

Last year I installed a pressure washer and some De-Ionizer tanks under the front end of our Motorhome.  It’s really wonderful – De-Ionized water doesn’t leave any spots or streaks when it dries, so it makes cleaning the Motorhome easier and better.  The problem is that I had to winterize the system before the frightfully cold winter.  I apparently didn’t do it well enough, because when I tried to de-winterize it, nothing worked well.  It turns out the “Distribution Tubes” in each tank cracked, so the resin inside the tanks got in the wrong places and contaminated itself.  The good news is that the pressure washer is still OK, and the parts for the DI Tanks and new uncontaminated resin are supposed to arrive tomorrow.


Cracked Windshield

It was terrifically windy one day on our trip to Lincoln.  The first time I’ve really felt the wind try to push our Motorhome around.  We drove a long ways on a two lane road, and when trucks going the other way passed us, the wind was dramatic.  That afternoon, when we stopped, we noticed a crack in our windshield!  Ouch!  We’ve already gotten an estimate from the manufacturer, where we are planning some work next month anyway.  I won’t say it’s astronomical, but it is over four times what I paid for my first car! (Which says something about the quality of my first car and how long ago that was!)



The Country is Opening Up for Business!

On a walk in my brother-in-law’s neighborhood we saw this nice evidence that the country is opening up again…  cute kids must have decided the overhead on a lemonade stand it too high… so they are selling jokes!  And payment is delivered with a small bucket on a long stick, to maintain social distancing.  Very cute.


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  1. So how many jokes did you purchase and why didn’t you tell any of them to us? Just saying….have fun!

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