Stuck with Cactus!

In a time when most Americans have been told to “Shelter in Place,” we have the privilege of hanging out at the end of a rainbow!



Arizona has plenty of open space… if you don’t count cactus.  Many types of cactus plants, and they seem to be doing the social distance thing, because they seem to space themselves out very appropriately. So here we are, stuck with a bunch of cactus plants!





We have spent a lot of our social distancing time running or hiking in the desert.  One afternoon we decided to hike to the top of the hill behind us.  It was surprisingly steep, and difficult because you had to weave your way between cacti, but the view from the top was great.  We had to build a Cairn at the top to prove we made it.






The campground is an interesting place… a lot of sites are filled by evening.  Then in the morning, most of them leave fairly early in the morning.  They are empty most of the day, then late afternoon they start to fill up again.  So this picture must have been taken about noon. (The rigs on the right are longer term folks)



Do you recognize this contraption??


It is used to repair chips on windshields… and I got to watch while a guy fixed a little chip in ours.  Quite interesting.



Who knew that later that day we would get hail!  Very small, and not enough to stick much on the ground, but it did stack up a bit on our wipers!



Maybe when a person has too much time on his hands, he ends up making silly movies like this…


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